About us

Our experience and dedication to the sphere of investments during the economic developments of recent years have enabled our company to adapt and offer solutions for each business transaction in keeping with our clients’ requirements and needs throughout all of the phases that the Spanish economy has experienced since Larios Tres Consultores was established in 2005.

From its earliest days to the present, our company has successfully closed the majority of its real estate and corporate transactions on the Costa del Sol. Although the situation of the Spanish economy has meant that we have also undertaken business in many other areas of our country.

We work with colleagues all over Spain, including attorneys highly specialised in other areas of law, accountants, architects, appraisers, asset managers, auditors, etc. to ensure that our clients have the full guarantees needed for any type of business transaction, whether national or international. We carry out analysis of the feasibility of a project, assessing the strengths and weaknesses and judging the degree of risk involved in each transaction in order to maximise the returns on an investment.

The foundations of our ethos are based on:

  • Commitment, vocation and independence. At Larios Tres Consultores we work with a free and independent perspective so that our clients receive a service rendered in the spirit of free and fair competition, taking advantage of our experience and specialisation coupled with the latest techniques in the sector.
  • Added Value. Our intention is that clients should comprehend the real situation of their asset and of the transaction as a whole, with information that is realistic, so that they understand exactly the profitability of each scenario. Our goal is fluid communication to eliminate any shadow of doubt.
  • Confidentiality and discretion. We have a strict policy of confidentiality and discretion for each project we undertake, from the moment it reaches our hands until closure. This tenet gives our clients added value and helps ensure that their strategic position on the market within their sector remains unaffected.
  • Efficiency and constant updating. We maintain an exhaustive control of time management, which gives us greater efficiency. We are also strict about our professionals keeping up to date with the latest trends in emerging markets and new lines of business, such as new technologies and tools for professional development. We use the highest quality IT equipment and databases. We likewise use file treatment and management programmes to achieve transparent efficiency in time management. We constantly update our Internet presence and carry out daily and weekly analyses of innovations arising in different sectors and markets so that our clients benefit from this knowledge.

We unite knowledge and experience rom different fields with a common objective. We work towards a single goal: satisfaction for both our clients and investors.

José Luis Aguilar